Welcome to The Inbound Evangelist

welcome to the Inbound Evangelist

Oh look, a billboard! Let me get my…too late.

Do you remember the last billboard you drove by? Did you write down that phone number for the lawyer and make a call? What about the last radio commercial you heard that drove you to take action? Or do you – like me – love your DVR so much you’re considering making it a part of your family?

Marketing as we know it is in the middle of a fundamental revolution. In fact it’s driving a major shift in business. A new world is emerging: Inbound Marketing. I wrote about this in an article: What is the Future of Marketing?

This blog is my attempt to change a few minds, shake up the world a bit and put an end to money-wasting marketing efforts of the past. Stop the spray and pray shouting method of throwing money at the problem, and let’s explore this Inbound Marketing revolution.

Download the book to find out how to go from the T-V newsroom into inbound marketing

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