Should I Hire Scott “UnMarketing” Stratten to Speak at My Event?

hire Scott Stratten speaker

Scott Stratten and myself at AmeriRap 2013

When it comes to hiring a speaker for an event, a lot of thought and research goes into it. At least, it should. You’re often paying a substantial amount of money for something that should bring great value to your event. Whether it’s a keynote speech at a conference, or a consulting hour at a private company class, the speaker needs to bring something to the table that leaves you wanting to bring her or him back, or to share their information with others to book. It should also – of course – add to your event something the attendees can walk away saying, “That was a great time.”

My employer – AmeriFirst Home Mortgage – needed a speaker for an internal sales conference event. We considered a few candidates, one of which was Scott Stratten. Scott is an author of 2 books on marketing and customer service. “UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging” and “The Book of Business Awesome” both aim to help businesses not suck at life basically.

I have followed Scott on Twitter – @unmarketing –  for a long time. I’ve read his blog. And I finally had the opportunity to see him speak – and meet him briefly – at a Social Media Club of Detroit event. This all led me to the conclusion that Scott would be a good candidate to suggest to my boss Mark for our event. After watching some YouTube videos of Scott’s talks Mark agreed. He knew that Scott would reach our sales team with his boots on the ground approach and his real estate ideas and outlook.

Our experience with Scott could not have been better. From my first contact with him and his Coordinator of Awesome Karen, to our parting handshake, our expectations were shattered. Any question I had about the event was answered completely and quickly by Karen. I felt like I was bothering her with minutae a few times, but Karen let me know that it was absolutely no problem. She really is a coordinator of awesome.

Scott was completely professional. He arrived early for a mic and equipment check. His speech was energizing, informative and entertaining. Scott took time to answer questions after the presentation, and stuck around for a book signing. His publisher Wiley helped us set up a book table through Barnes & Noble, making sure everything went smoothly there as well. Unfortunately it was too early for a karaoke night.

Definitely consider this marketing guy, published author, Detroit Lions fan and all around good guy for your event if you’re looking to connect with team members or others on marketing in this new world of digital platforms. From Twitter to blogs to websites and Facebook, Scott has a lot to offer.

See Scott’s presentation here (thanks for allowing us to share this, Scott): Scott Stratten Talks at AmeriRap 2013 Kalamazoo Michigan

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