Boring Industry Content Can Still Kick Ass

screw sexy be helpful

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At the HubSpot “Inbound” conference this year, I spoke to hundreds of marketers in businesses consider BORING. My theme: Screw Sexy. Be Helpful. This session resonated with so many marketers, I was asked to repeat the presentation twice more. Everyone thinks their industry is too boring to take on inbound marketing. It’s time to get beyond the boring, and be helpful to prospects, clients and evangelists.

My goal for this presentation: Teaching marketers about the link between creative, journalistic writing and marketing, and how this type of content can work for a business in a seemingly boring industry in the long term. The focus here is not necessarily on one-off offers that capture lead information, but rather the types of content in blog posts and podcasts that continually towards your inbound marketing strategy by creating a repository of useful information that’s helpful to your target audience.

I plan to write more on this, so keep an eye out. Meanwhile, several people asked for the deck and the presentation. You’ll see below is the Slideshare:

Here is a link to notes from Dia Dalsky on the subject.
Download the book to find out how to go from the T-V newsroom into inbound marketing

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