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Podcast Interview Marketing: The New Frontier in Marketing

Is guest blogging dead? Is podcast interview marketing the new guest blogging?

podcast interview marketingIt used to be true that guest blogging was a legitimate “hack” to content marketing. It was one of the most inbound-y tactics in inbound marketing. The marketing team places content on a relevant blog with a back link (use the right anchor text!) and you not only reach a new audience that trusts the site you’re on… but you get SEO value!

The host of your guest post gets (hopefully) great content and gets to get in front of your social media audience as your team promotes the post. It’s a win-win situation. One problem: are blog articles as engaging and magnetic as they once were? Continue reading


The Generational Impact of Honor Flight

I wrote this a while back. It’s inspired by true events.

Honor Flight: THE IMPACT


Teaching the next generation about honor and respect.

The short answer to “Who is Honor Flight?” is easy: We are a volunteer-run, non-profit organization honoring our WWII veterans with an all-expense-paid one-day trip to Washington, DC to visit the national monuments built in their honor. We also now fly Korean War veterans. Some hubs are flying Vietnam veterans, too. Continue reading