Podcast Interview Marketing: The New Frontier in Marketing

Is guest blogging dead? Is podcast interview marketing the new guest blogging?

podcast interview marketingIt used to be true that guest blogging was a legitimate “hack” to content marketing. It was one of the most inbound-y tactics in inbound marketing. The marketing team places content on a relevant blog with a back link (use the right anchor text!) and you not only reach a new audience that trusts the site you’re on… but you get SEO value!

The host of your guest post gets (hopefully) great content and gets to get in front of your social media audience as your team promotes the post. It’s a win-win situation. One problem: are blog articles as engaging and magnetic as they once were?

How often do we go beyond the headlines? Certainly reading is important, and we as content creators cannot abandon the written word just yet – you’re reading this after all – but what’s the next tool we can add to our toolboxes?

Japan Today says you should add podcasting to your marketing mix”

Ten billion. That’s how many downloads and streaming plays of podcast episodes Apple Inc. served up in 2016 according to James O. Boggs, global head of iTunes Podcasts and Internet Radio. Boggs was speaking at Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, where he outlined the company’s plans for podcast enhancements in its iOS 11 operating system. If there was any doubt that podcasting has come into its own, 10 billion plays from a catalog of some 400,000 shows and 14 million episodes are here to dispel it.

With that many downloads and so many people listening to this emerging medium, it makes sense to explore the possibilities. Starting your own podcast sounds like a great place to start – and for some, it is. However, do you have the drive to keep producing a show every week, to build your audience over time and to exercise the patience it takes to create something new? Or would you rather consider reaching an established audience that knows, likes and trusts the host who invites you to be their subject matter expert?

This is what podcast interview marketing does for you. An author, speaker, coach, representative of an emerging brand or other guest with a story gets to tell their narrative to, and bring value to, an established audience.

From digital book promotion marketing to life lessons about entrepreneurial adventures, many folks are already taking advantage of this new tool as part of their overall marketing strategy.

If podcast interview marketing is so “inbound,” what does HubSpot say about it?

I had the opportunity to go directly to the leader in inbound marketing to ask about this new tactic. Kierran Petersen, Associate Producer for HubSpot’s podcast, The Growth Show. Kierran told me that podcast interview marketing is a natural step in the current marketing evolution, and HubSpot already sees the value.

“In the coming years, I think podcast interviews will become one part of an overall marketing strategy. But just like any other part of inbound marketing, the story is key. You need to be creating content that adds value, and doesn’t just add to the noise.”

Read the full interview here: Inbound Marketing with Podcasts: What Does HubSpot Say?

An engaging, valuable conversation which directs the listener to visit your website when ready is about as inbound as you can get. Using website analytics to measure the success of each podcast appearance keeps your efforts in the strategic realm rather than the ego walk of simply being interviewed. Podcast interview marketing is a perfect marriage of content and business development.

I want to start getting booked for podcast interviews – what do I do?

When you’re ready to start prospecting podcasts that might feature you, pitch them and prepare for your interviews, you may want to consider a few things about this world. In the small world of podcasting, news travels fast. If you’re a terrible guest, hosts will find out. Working on your reputation is important.

Be authentic, be relevant, be kind, look for warm introductions and treat each interview like a true media appearance.

Read a little about how to not fail as a podcast guest here.

If you’d like to learn more or to hear how a service like Interview Valet can help your marketing efforts, tap the “guests” button below. If you’re a host and you want to hear how this new world may affect you and how you can hear about great Certified Guests™ tap the “hosts” button below.

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