About Dan Moyle

My name is Dan and I’m an inbound marketing evangelist. Now, this doesn’t mean I think no other marketing works. But ask yourself this: how do you search for solutions and make buying decisions? Because that’s what others do, too. It’s not on billboards, on TV, in phone books or being moved by a radio ad. In general, that old way of getting your message out is dying. We’ve become very good at tuning out the interruptions.

Inbound marketing is putting to use tools like content, SEO, social media platforms and email marketing to help spread your message. Then you use tools to analyze your efforts so you can rinse and repeat. That’s why I love inbound marketing.

Currently I occupy the seat of Chief Marketing Officer for a tenacious agency called Interview Valet. We exist to personally introduce inspiring thought leaders to millions of ideal individuals they could serve for the betterment of all. We work with authors, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs and the like to help them reach an ideal audience through podcast interview marketing. It’s a lot of fun and definitely hard work. I love it.

dan-moyle-avatarAs a former TV news producer, I’ve been a content creator for thousands of pieces of content. Scripts for an hour of news every morning could fill up my office now, so writing and editing has been my life for a long time. Add into that video experience and my obsession with Twitter, and I fit right in with the inbound marketing crowd.

I then worked for a regional community mortgage bank based in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage serves about a dozen states through 50+ branches. As Creative Director of Marketing, I ran the home office brand marketing, while assisting branches and loan originators with their marketing. Under my leadership, the newly minted marketing department grew from one (me) to 7.

Now I’m blessed to work for Interview Valet, helping our clients achieve their dreams.

The bottom line for marketing in this new world is this: If what you’re doing is working for you and you’re happy with the results and the future, then by all means keep doing it. But dabble with the unconventional a bit from time to time. Who knows, maybe a Pinterest audience could help drive leads for your small town restaurant better than the old coupons in the local newspaper.

Welcome to The Inbound Evangelist. Join the revolution!

You can find me in a few places:

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Dan Moyle Inbound Marketing Certification

Dan Moyle HubSpot Certification

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