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Is a College Education a Waste of Time in 2014?

Is-a-College-Education-a-Waste-of-Time-in-2014I’m looking at my career path, and others I know, and wondering if college is for everyone. Is the traditional path of 13 years of school followed by another 4 or more of university, really the best fit for most of us?

Are companies who only consider people with 4-year degrees missing the boat on some fantastic talent? I published my thoughts on LinkedIn. Below is an excerpt.

In the current job market, many jobs require a college degree. Oftentimes these jobs require a 4-year degree. A lot of companies won’t consider you past the initial round without it. This is a huge mistake. Companies who do this miss out on too much talent.

This idea that people without college degrees don’t measure up to those with degrees needs to change. Some careers need long-term education. I wouldn’t want a high school graduate opening up my dad for a heart surgery. A lawyer without a deep knowledge of law would be laughed out of a courtroom or corporate boardroom. We wouldn’t want the scientist working to cure cancer to have dropped out of college in her first semester.

However, most jobs out there aren’t rocket science – or medical science in the above example. Rather, many jobs, careers or vocations could benefit from people with specified education based on current trends and information.

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What do you think?

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